A Dev Journal

Current game in development is Hyperion’s Wake.

My own personal discoveries, education, break throughs and thoughts are the main entries in this blog as I traverse the game design development process.

Hyperion’s Wake

A hyper-text fiction  game about love, ambition, genetics and sea monsters.

Based on the #OdysseyJam on itch.io, Hyperon’s Wake takes book 12 of Homer’s epic The Odyssey and weaves an original science fiction story.


Concept Art

The ships in Hyperion’s Wake are explorable and will contain much of the puzzles in the game.

Sound Design & Music

Composed on hardware synths, microkorg, microbrute, MS-20 mini, Volca FM, Volca Beats and the monotron.

Dev Log

Learn about my process:


My first Game Jam as inspiration for my first game! #OdysseyJam